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Life insurance, annuities, long-term care planning, group benefits, and retirement plans are all available through Lincoln Financial Group (“Lincoln Financial”). The company’s life insurance division was established in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1905.

Reasons Why

Not as many complaints as expected: According to the NAIC, Lincoln Financial receives a significantly lower volume of consumer complaints relative to its size.

No medical exam required for some applicants: A medical exam and blood work may not be required for applicants between the ages of 18 and 60 wanting $1,000,000 or less in coverage.

Superior financial strength: AM Best assigns Lincoln Financial the highest possible credit rating of A+ (Superior), indicating that the company is in an excellent position to fulfill its financial commitments.

Affordable term policies: Regarding financial stability, Lincoln Financial is right up there with the most significant life insurance providers.

Affordable term policies: We compared prices from 32 companies offering term life insurance. The insurance offered by Lincoln Financial was some of the most cost-effective, especially for those in their forties and fifties who were in relatively good health.


Whole life insurance is not available: Lincoln Financial does not offer whole life insurance, while it does offer other forms of permanent life coverage.

Same-day decisions not available:Lincoln Financial does not provide same-day judgments, although some term life applications are granted within two business days.

There are no online quotes or applications: You’ll have to get in touch with a representative in order to acquire a price and purchase a policy from this provider.

Complaint Index

According to data compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Lincoln Financial has a low complaint volume in comparison to other large insurance providers. We used the NAIC complaint index, which ranks businesses by the number of complaints they receive in relation to their size, to make this determination. We then took the three-year moving average of an organization’s index scores to see how it stacks up over time.

With an index of 1.0, complaints to a corporation are proportional to its size. If the index is higher than 1, then the company received more complaints than they anticipated. If the index is less than 1, fewer customers are unhappy compared to businesses of a similar size. Lincoln Financial had complaint index scores of 0.9 in 2020, 0.8 in 2021, and 0.12 in 2022 on average. the number of complaints was lower than anticipated.

Third-Party Ratings

Lincoln Financial’s fiscal health is highly regarded. AM Best, a credit rating organization, gave the business an A+ (Superior) for its financial stability and reliability in meeting its continuous insurance commitments. AM Best gives businesses grades from A++ to D, with A++ being the highest quality and D representing the lowest.

According to the 2021 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study by J.D. Power, which ranks customer satisfaction on a scale from 0 to 1,000, the company receives a score somewhat below the average. With a score of 773, Lincoln Financial Group came in at number 12 out of 21 insurance providers, just below the sector average of 776.

Policies Available

Lincoln Financial provides three different kinds of permanent life insurance in addition to their term policy.

Term life

A death benefit on a term life insurance policy, such as 20 or 30 years, is only paid out if the policyholder dies within that time frame. Term life insurance is usually far more cost-effective than permanent life insurance.

The premiums on Lincoln Financial’s term life insurance policies are locked in for the policy’s entire 10, 15, 20, or 30-year duration. Prior to the end of the level premium payment period or prior to reaching age 70, policyholders have the option to change to permanent life insurance. Death benefits can be anywhere from $100,000 to $2.5 million. In some cases, the underwriting process for term life insurance policies can be completed in as little as two days.

Universal life

Lincoln Financial provides a permanent life insurance option known as universal life (UL) insurance. That means the policy will pay out a death benefit whenever you die, as long as you keep paying your premiums. Monthly premiums and, to some extent, the death benefit can be modified during the policy’s duration with a universal life insurance policy. There is also an interest-bearing cash value component to these products.

Please be aware that as of July 2022, the company is no longer selling any new universal life insurance policies.

Variable life

Another type of permanent life insurance is the variable life insurance policy. Variable life insurance, like universal life insurance, allows you to customize both your premium and your payout. However, you can also put your money into a savings account or other securities. The risk is that your policy will become worthless if your investments do poorly.

Indexed universal life

Another kind of permanent life insurance that doubles as a pseudo-investment is called an indexed universal life (IUL) policy. Interest is accrued on the cash value based on the performance of the underlying index (or indices), such as the S&P 500. IUL policies contain caps on your gains in addition to floors to protect you from market losses. The premium and the payout upon death are both flexible, as is the case with other universal life policies.

Available Riders

Additional benefits and coverage can be added to a basic policy through the use of riders. The following are examples of Lincoln Financial riders.

Accelerated Death Benefit: Terminal illness

In the event of a terminal illness, the policyholder can obtain a portion of the death benefit thanks to a terminal illness rider, which is a form of accelerated death benefit (ADB). In the event that this rider is used, a one-time fee will be assessed.

Accelerated Death Benefit: Critical illness

Another kind of ADB is the critical illness rider, which allows you to collect the death benefit early in the event of a serious illness. In the event that this rider is used, a one-time fee will be assessed.

Accelerated Death Benefit: Chronic illness

You can access your death benefit early with a chronic illness rider if you are unable to perform two ADLs or have severe cognitive impairment. The monies must be used for long-term care in certain versions of this rider, although in others this is not a requirement.

Children’s Level Term Rider

All of the covered person’s kids can get cheap term insurance if they’re willing to pay a little extra. There is no additional fee per child in addition to the higher premium that this rider imposes. When your child turns 18, they may be eligible to switch to a permanent policy.

Waiver of Premium Rider

Only term plans, and at an additional expense, provide a waiver of premium rider. When you become totally incapacitated, you can cancel your premium payments with this rider.

Customer Service

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., email and phone support for Lincoln Financial Group’s individual life insurance products is available. Live chat, an insurance requirements calculator, and the option to file a claim online are just a few of the useful tools available on the firm website. Filling out a beneficiary change form is another option. However, neither an online quote nor an application submission are available at this time.

Judgment Reached

If you’re looking for a reliable and financially secure organization that offers reasonable prices on term insurance, Lincoln Financial Group is a great option. There is a wide range of insurance plans available, with alternatives both for people in good health and those suffering with serious or ongoing medical issues. Lincoln Financial Group also has strong feedback from clients and independent reviewers.

However, for people looking for whole life insurance or same-day decisions, Lincoln Financial Group isn’t a good option.


In order to receive a claimant email, you must first submit a claim notice and an online death form. A claims examiner from Lincoln Financial will contact you within five business days after they receive your documentation. Within eight weeks of submitting the claim, you should get your payment.
A death benefit can be permanently reduced if you withdraw any of the cash value from your policy, however some products and plans allow for partial withdrawals or surrenders. The timing of a withdrawal can potentially have tax consequences.
On May 1, 2018, Liberty Mutual completed the sale of its Boston-based Liberty Life Assurance Company to Lincoln Financial Group. Liberty’s Individual Life and Annuity Business was reinsured by Protective Life Insurance Company as part of the deal.


We ranked over 90 insurers across five broad categories including financial soundness, customer happiness, product and feature variety, the overall buying experience, and cost, using a methodology we developed based on consumer objectives and life insurance firm fundamentals.

We used 55 different indicators and collected over 5,000 data points to accomplish this. We examined insurers’ results across a variety of measures by classifying them into categories and scoring them accordingly.

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